34 – The Great Emu War

In the early 1930s the post WW1 Soldier Settlers in Western Australia were doing it hard, trying to make a living growing wheat in a tough economic climate.

When the native Emus descended on their crops on mass, they called on the Commonwealth Minister of Defense to come to their rescue.  And so began the Emu War in the west…..

 (45 mins)

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Commonwealth of Australia Coat of Arms
Australian Light Horse Brigade Slouch Hat
Sir George Pearce (Pic:Wikipedia)
Lewis Gun in operation 1941 (Pic:Wikipedia)
Dark Emu in the Milky Way (ABC: Barnaby Norris)
Emus along WAs rabbit-proof fence (Pic: WA Department of Agriculture and Food)
Newspaper Western Mail
Newspaper 2 – Western Mail

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