33 – Eureka Pt 5: Eureka Trials

With the rebellion at the Eureka Stockade ended, the authorities moved the main players to Melbourne to be tried for treason.

In the days immediately following, the people of Victoria were at first apprehensive that there may be further outbreaks of violence and rioting, but as more information about exactly what happened at Ballarat was known, they became more unhappy about the lead up to and the actions that took place on December 3rd, 1854.

In this final episode in the Eureka series, we talk about the trials, and the actions of the government in the aftermath.  We also learn a little about the Southern Cross flag.

(60 mins)

Eureka flag (Culture Victoria)
Lawlor Black reward Federation University Australia Historical Collection (Geoffrey Blainey Research Centre)
Peter Lalor by Ludwig Becker NLA 3903439
Public meeting Melbourne 5th December Eurekapedia
Eureka Centre cafe

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