35 – Jandamarra: the Bunuba Warrior: Part 1

Jandamarra was a Bunuba man, from the Kimberly region in Western Australia, who has been called both an outlaw and a hero.  It’s a story of conflict between the indigenous peoples, and the new comers to Australia; a chapter in what we more lately call the Frontier Wars. 

In the late 1880s Jandamarra lead his people in resisting the takeover of their lands, at a time when stockholders wished to bring sheep & cattle into the Kimberly.  It is a confronting story, but one very important for both original and newer Australians to understand and consider. 

Note that as a long Episode is has been offered and 2 parts

(35 mins)

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AIATSIS map of Indigenous Australia
Bunuba country (Bunuba Stories – Kimberley Language Resource Centre)
Kimberly language groups
Windjana Gorge (WA Nat Parks)
Kimberly Cattle stations (ABC News)
Chained Aboriginal Prisoners (State Lib WA)
Tunnel Creek (WA Nat Parks)
Windjana Gorge (WA Tourism_Cathy_Zwick)

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