Recommended Podcasts


(Ep 69  – no recommendation)

(Ep 68)

The Rest Is History

Created by two brilliant and highly amusing British historians and writers, Tom Holland and Dominic Sandbrook, their podcast will entertain and enlighten you by interrogating the past, and attempting to de-tangle the present.

(Ep 67 – no recommendation)

(Ep 66)

The Batavia Story

The Batavia story is “a fascinating tale of maritime treachery, murder and heroism, unparalleled in Australian maritime history”.  And it really is a stunning & awful tale.  I had it on my list to look at, but the fellas producing the History of the Netherlands Podcast, from Republic of Amsterdam Radio have already done a sterling job.

(Ep 65)

History Pod

History Pod’s daily podcast presents a detailed yet concise account of a key event from each day in history. Written and presented by Scott Allsop, an experienced History teacher and graduate of the University of Cambridge, these few minute long insights are fascinating and help you to brush up on your knowledge of prescient events in history.

(Ep 64)

The Boyer Lectures – ABC Radio National

The Boyer Lectures are a series of talks by prominent Australians, presenting ideas on major social, scientific or cultural issues, and broadcast on ABC Radio National.

(Ep 63)  No recommendation

(Ep 62)

“Australia On This Day”

Michael presents Australian ‘stories that made headlines and sometimes made history’.  Have a look at the range of ‘news stories’ he’s taken a very interesting dive in to.

(EP 61)

“Sandman Stories Presents”

Interesting & international stories from around the world. Mostly folktales, they’re great listening during work, during commutes, when you are trying to fall asleep, or any time that you need a calm friend to read to you.

(Ep 60)

“Stories from Sydney”

Alistair & Jed reflect on an eclectic range of sites and stories related to Sydney and it’s history.

(Ep 59)

“Australian Aboriginal History”.

Lectures by Professor Richard Broome,  LaTrobe University,  & hosted by the Royal Historical Society of Victoria. (

“The RHSV describes the 16 part series as “[providing]  listeners with insights into Australia’s Colonial past and makes First Nations history the dominant narrative. In doing so, it acknowledges the rights of our First Nations people to land and sea. It allows a wider audience to understand the impacts of government policies and frontier conflicts on First Nations people, and it embraces and celebrates the stories of Indigenous success and contribution.”

(Ep 58)

Heroes and Howlers – And The Rest Is History

is a quizzical look at some of history’s quirkiest moments. Mikey Robins, celebrated Australian comedian, and historian Paul Wilson discuss the cock ups, the mishaps, the bizarre twists of fate that have changed the course of mankind – sometimes tragic, sometimes comical, sometimes just plain stupid.

(Ep 57)

Destination: History:

Chantelle traverses the historical landscape, discovering the stories behind local & international destinations we know.  Each place has their own narrative to tell, and Destination: History highlights these interesting places and associated characters, for fascinating armchair travel.

(Ep 56) No recommendation

(Ep 55)

Talking Tudors Podcast:

If you’re a fan of all things Tudor, you will find this a really rich and rewarding podcast to subscribe to.  Natalie Grueninger interviews the most interesting Tudor experts, who investigate and illuminate many aspects of the Tudor world, and the historical objects that survive.  Natalie is incredibly committed and knowledgeable, and I’m sure you’ll find it a very interesting podcast.

(Ep 53)

Terrible Lizards podcast:

Terrible Lizards is all about  the dinosaurs.  Dr David Hone and Iszi Lawrence present a podcast which is full of reliable, current, scientific information about what is known about Dinosaurs of various kinds today, and while it’s aimed at grown ups, it is relatable and will be of interest to younger Dino fans as well.

(Ep 52)  

Convict Australia

Jennifer Twemlow presents a the podcast called Convict Australia  and “each episode offers a glimpse into life as a convict and a broader insight into the convict system.”  Jennifer is a history, archaeology and museum studies graduate who has written a book called Convict Sydney,  a collection of biographies of the men, women and child convicts transported to Port Jackson between 1788 and 1840.

(Ep 51)

Coodabeen Champions is a long running and highly amusing comedy show looking at all aspects of the game, upcoming matches, and AFL related items of interest

The Outer Sanctum is an unconventional all-female footy podcast that features six passionate fans, providing interesting and often amusing cometary, and discussing a range of topics related to the game.

Lace Out celebrates the great game and people of Australian Rules Football with a weekly wrap-up of the news and games.

(Ep 50)  No recommendation

(Ep 48-49)

Thinking Nutrition Podcast

As a science communicator, dietitian, & with a 25-year research career spanning molecular biology &  clinical nutrition, Dr Crowe is well placed to present the latest, evidence based information, on a range of nutrition related topics.  Episodes range from reliable current knowledge about caffeine consumption, to what we know about gut bacteria, and eating for good mental health for example.  Tim provides the references he uses and useful links for you to follow up for the topics that grab your interest.

(Ep 44-47)  No recommendations

(Ep 43)

Sick to Death Podcast

On a medial theme & supported by the Welcome Trust, the team explores the history of medicine during the prehistoric and the ancient world in a very entertaining and informative way.

(Ep 42)

The Flatpack History of Sweden

It’s a fun history podcast chronologically charting Swedish history in a light-hearted and conversational way. Each week Asa & Chris introduce a new step along our journey through the history of Sweden, from the Stone Age to the modern day. Vikings included!  and you’ll be delighted to learn each episode, some little saying in Swedish, that may prove very helpful for some future situation.

(Ep 41)


Produced by the ABC, and hosted by Dr Norma Swan, long-time presenter of the Radio National Health Report, and health and science journalist Tegan Taylor, it is focused on the situation in Australia, but is chock full of reliable, evidenced based, high quality information about Covid 19 that will be of interest worldwide.  Updated daily as our knowledge & the social situation changes, along with giving current information on Covid related issues, Norman & Tegan answer listener questions and review new developments and research.

(Ep 40)

History of England  

I listen to a number of podcasts covering British history, and David Crowther’s “History of England” podcast is a delight, just so lovely to listen to, presented with real warmth and enthusiasm.  From the exit of the Romans onwards, David helps us really imagine the lives & times under discussion.  There’s a members feed too, but plenty of episodes available in the free feed to keep you busy for months.

(Ep 39)

WW1 Digger History Podcast

Phil Mannell hosts the pod and reproduces diaries, memoirs and letters of the real participants from th First World War.  It’s  a very interesting way to present the information.

(Ep 38) 

The History Cache

History better than fiction. The History Cache podcast excavates through the deepest interiors of the human experience with in-depth research, and an intelligent narrative that weaves history with storytelling. A history podcast crafted for the most curious of minds.

(Ep 37)

History of the Netherlands Podcast

The boys from Republic of Amsterdam Radio do a great job stepping us through the centuries, to meet some of the characters who fashioned a boggy marshland into a vibrant mercantile society, a global super-power, and into today’s Netherlands, a vibrant centre for modern day liberalism.  My fave bit in the episodes?  “I bet you didn’t know that was Dutch!”.

(Ep 35-36)

The History Lab

Another Australian History podcast, the History Lab podcast is a collaboration between the Australian Centre for Public History at the University of Technology Sydney, and one of Sydney’s largest community radio stations, 2SER.  It’s a high quality production, which looks at our stories through an investigative process, and is a pleasure to listen to.  The topics can sometimes seem obscure at first glance, then the stories open up into a fascinating exploration of incidents from our past.

(Ep 34)

Historical Oracle.

I love this one because it covers a wide range of topics that we all know a little about, and gives you a steady and interesting insight into the subject.  Covering events and interesting people worldwide, from the Coffee Houses of London to the Cuban Missile Crisis, Ben does a great job sharing his research & knowledge.  One of my  favorite episodes was about how the pub names across the UK can be deciphered, to track the historical  twists & turns, through the centuries.  Fascinating!   I’m sure you’ll find much of interest there.

(Ep 33)

Pax Britannica.

For those who like English history.  Hosted by Samuel Hume, a PhD candidate in British Imperial history.  Beginning with the accession of James VI of Scotland to the throne of England, Pax Britannica follows the people and events that created an empire that dominated the globe.  It’s a beautifully presented, easy to listen to offering.  I subscribe and listen to several history podcasts about Britain, and this is definitely one of the favourites.

(Ep 32)

The Explorers Podcast. 

In this American production Matt Breen focuses on telling the stories of great explorers in history, looking at the lives and accomplishments of some of the most extraordinary people to traverse our world. He has done an excellent deep dive into the Burke & Wills story from Australia, which I highly recommend.

(Ep 30-31)

Time to Eat the Dogs Podcast.

For those who enjoy the sciences, exploring, and history, “Time to Eat the Dogs Podcast” is an absolute gem.   Professor Michael Robinson from the University of Hartford, broadens our conversations about science, history, and exploration, by talking with authors, scientists and other experts on a wide range of very interesting topics.

(Ep 29)

Australian True Crime

I don’t usually listen to True Crime myself, as I find it all a bit confronting, but I know there is a huge fan base out there.  Emily is a journalist and author of true crime books. Meshel works across various media platforms, and their show often looks at cold cases, giving families and friends of victims a voice to talk about the ripple effect of crime, or talks to the police involved in investigations for example.  If this genre is for you, give it a listen.

(Ep 28)

History of Aotearoa New Zealand

History of Aotearoa New Zealand podcast began with a fascinating collection of Traditional  Maori  stories and cultural explanations, and continues along with the general history, working through a chronological structure.  Thomas is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and easy to listen to.  It’s great to get the background on the history of our neighbours.

(Ep 26-27)

A History of the World in 100 objects.                                 

Some years back the BBC hosed a podcast series created by the British Museum, called A History of the World in 100 objects.  Exploring objects in their collection, the then Director, Neil MacGregor, used collection items, from two million years ago, through to the present day, to explore and reflect on the each item, and it’s wider context in history.  You might imagine that talking about an object that you cannot immediately see, could be a little dry, but he does an excellent job of describing the item, and more importantly, the associated stories the object can tell and feed in to.  Loved it.

(Ep 25)

No such thing as fish

I love “No such thing as fish”.  It’s a comedy podcast brought to you by the makers of QI.  If you know and love that show, this podcast is for you.  Each week the team discuss the favourite facts they have unearthed in the past seven days.  It’s highly entertaining and I’m going to say… often enlightening too.  They are such a great team and work so well together, to present a very entertaining poddy.

(Ep 24)

The Myth, Legend & Folklore Podcast

For those of you who enjoy those celtic & norse legends, the Myth, Legend & Folklore Podcast,  with  Siobhan Clark, author of the historical Viking adventure “The Children Of Midgard”, encourages you to journey into the past & share the tales of myth, legend, or lore, to capture your imagination and fire your curiosity!

And of course the stories are recounted in Siobhan’s beautiful Scottish accent – always a treat for Australians, who don’t get to hear that very often!  The early stories are Norse tales, but more recently Irish folk tales are being explored.  Have a listen if folklore is your thing.

(Ep 23)

Giants of History

I’ve listened to several topics in the series.  I particularly enjoyed the Cleopatra episodes, Galileo, and Churchill.  Their “About” statement says “Giants of History is a podcast that explores the life stories of history’s most fascinating figures.  In each episode, we strive to curate and present the most interesting details from each story, so that the subjects themselves come back to life for the listener.”

(Ep 22)

The Infinite Monkey Cage

For those with an interest in Science & Humour, the Infinite Monkey Cage is presented by Brian Cox and Robin Ince, and is a brilliantly clever and funny exploration of a range of scientific questions.  Joined by subject appropriate scientists and other smart and funny folks, they take a topic and thoroughly explore it, with maximum interest and enjoyment.  Who knew learning deep stuff could be so interesting and entertaining!

(Ep 21)

The Age of Victoria

For those with an interest in British or Commonwealth history, The Age of Victoria podcast will be of great interest.  Chris busts popular Victorian myths, covers events across the Commonwealth and the world, and focuses on a people centric history. You will see how the Victorians shaped the world, changing it from the age of horse, musket, cannon and sail, to the age of steam, rifle and iron.  It’s wonderfully entertaining, illuminating, and very easy to listen to.

(Ep 20)

History of English Podcast

This podcast looks at the history and development of the English Language.  If you are in anyway a word nerd, or actually if you just like to look at history from another perspective, Kevin is presenting an extremely well researched, chronological program, showing the roots of the English language, and it development and influences over  time.  You may be surprised at how interesting it is!  If you want a taster, go to his Episodes page and choose an episode from a time period you might like, say “Norse Words and a New English” or “Love Songs and Troubadours“  and see how the use and development of the language has been impacted by historical events throughout  time.

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