41 – Snowy Hydro – Pt 4: Working environments & safety

Today we turn our attention the workers’ arrangements.  At the peak of construction, over 1959/60, there were 7300 people employed on the project.  So that’s a lot of people to keep fed & watered, and entertained. 

But it was hard and sometimes dangerous work, so we consider some of the human costs on the project too.

(56 mins)

Brilliant stories from Australia’s past!

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Thiess Safety First (NAA)
Accident Tally
Junction shaft 1955
Technicians working on transmission lines (NAA)
Temporary mess at Cooma 1950 (NAA)
Accident 1951 (NAA 4441583)
Norwegian workers at Guthega 1953 (SnowyHydro)
Thiess group tunneling

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