39 – Snowy Hydro Scheme – Pt 2 – Getting Land & Workers

The Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Scheme was underway.  Now they Authority had to acquire  the land across the Alps, and recruit a workforce, to survey, plan and construct the many parts of the project; not an easy thing to do in booming post war Australia.

Part 2 gives an overview of the recruitment of workers, the majority coming from various worker schemes and displaced persons camps in Europe.  And we learn about the arrangements for compensating and moving the existing landholders to make way for the Snowy Scheme.

(47 mins)

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Guthega (SnowyHydro)
Surveyors Geehi Camp 1951 (NAA 4240913)
Diamond drillers at Spencers Creek 1951 (NAA 4240700)
Talbingo Homestead home of Miles Franklin (SLNSW)
Major’s Dingy (from Biography in Ref list)
Major’s hut & memorial

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