61 – The Overland Telegraph Line

We talk about ‘Telegraph Todd’ and the construction of the Overland Telegraph Line, built through the largely unsurveyed and vast centre of Australia.  Only one group of British explorers had, to date, survived a trek all the way from the south to the north and returned, but using the information they recorded, Todd was sure he could supervise the construction of a more than 3200km Telegraph Line, that would allow the colonies in Australia to be linked up the the rest of the world.  A huge leap into a more modern communications era.

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Charles Todd 1860 (Trove)
Overland Telegraph route (Map p2 – Leybourne-Ward, N.  Australia’s Overland Telegraph Line 1870-1872.  First Australasian Conference on Heritage 1994: Old ways in a new land.)
Morse Code receiver (Wiki)
Morse Key used by Sir Charles Todd [SLSA-B78443]
1st Telegraph Office Darwin [fl15842941-Sweet]
Landing the telegraph cable at Port Darwin 1871 (SLSA)
Planting of the first Overland Telegraph Pole – 15th September 1870 Capt. Sweet SLV
Peake Telegraph Station in the south [SLSA-B11363]
Camp at Roper River c1870 (NMA)
Alice Springs Telegraph Station 1872 (Berry-SLSA)
Camel caravan Alice Springs telegraph station c1890 [SLSA-B1434]
Overland Telegraph party taken by Capt Sweet at the Roper River in 1872. Todd second from right (SLSA)

Bob Carew, linesman 1921 [SLSA-PRG 1365-1-133]
Post Office and Postmaster’s residence after the first air raid on 19 February 1942 – [Northern Territory Library PH0250-0026/0059 Watts Collection]

Charles and Alice Todd c1855 (SLSA-B-12210)
Adelaide Observatory (SA History Hub)
The Overland Telegraph Line Memorial – Liberty Square. Parliament at right, Darwin.

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