60 – Alexander Pearce – Cannibal: Part 3

In this final episode on Alexander Pearce we hear about his second escape attempt from Macquarie Harbour, with fellow convict Thomas Cox.  They planned a less difficult route for their escape but again, their scheme didn’t proceed as they had planned.  This time the authorities took the situation more seriously and we learn how it all ended for Cox & Pearce.

(40 mins)

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Rock Island Bend, Franklin River (Nat Parks)
Alexander Pearce Death Drawings (SLNSW FL3252183)


Tasmanian Devil (Nat Geographic)
Pearce Confession1824 (FL3233461 SLNSW P1)
Skull of PEARCE held Uni Pennsylvania Philadelphia (LibTas)
Alexander Pearce Death Sentence (LibTas)
Van Diemens Land – Convict Stations and Establishments in Van Diemens Land 1849  (Available for $750 from https://www.classicalimages.com/products/copy-of-1849-arrowsmith-rare-antique-convict-map-of-van-diemens-land-tasmania-australia)

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