50 – WW2 Salvage Operation

Early in World War 2, German Raiders were laying sea mines around Australian & New Zealand coastal waters.

Here we tell the story of one ship that was sunk by those mines, and the exceptional salvage operation that was undertaken to recover precious cargo that had gone down with the ship.

(65 mins)

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Diving bell designed by Isaacs
RMS Niagara (Aust Nat Maritime Museum) (1924)
Niagara wreck site [Mike Lee] (Gold and Oil)
Niagara life raft
Castlemaine Historical Society’s Carol Dorman and Maldon Vintage Machinery Museum’s John Conn with a diagram of the diving bell. (THOMPSON)
Gold bars on the Claymore
Crew of the Claymore toasting their find
Gold ingots (Taylor 1950)
Captain James Herd (Taylor 1950)
Iron Man for 1953 Niagara Salvage (Whangarei Museum)
Niagara ‘still bleeding oil’ (2000 NZHerald)
The wreck of the Niagara (SeaROV Technologies Ltd)
Exhibition: Gold and Oil, The Legacy and Menace of the Niagara


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