49 – Convict Mutineers Part 2

In Part 2 we will follow William Swallow and his fellow mutineer convicts on the commandeered ship, the Cyprus.

Swallow and his men were delighted to be heading into the Pacific, away from the dreaded Macquarie Harbour, and his sailing skills were put to the test as they made their way across the ocean.  But they ran in to unexpected trouble around the Japanese coast.

(60 mins)

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“The artist has shown no small skill in depicting the despair of Lieutenant Carew, and the encouraging manner of Mrs Carew, with her little infant, as they watched the progress of the small bark on which their only hope of preservation was placed”. (Hirst, Warwick, 2008, p. 84)
South East coast. Hobart, D’Entrecasteaux Channel, Recherche Bay, SE Cape. (John Mulvaney, 2007)
Chain gang hauling timber
Leg Irons: Convict leg irons, possibly from Port Arthur, 1830–1848 Cast iron, hand forged
State Library of NSW, bequest of Sir William Dixson, 1952 (DR 167) https://www2.sl.nsw.gov.au/archive/curio/exhibit/1108/indexfbd2.html?from_collection=2&page=1
A watercolour of a British-flagged ship that arrived off the coast of Mugi, in Shikoku, Japan in 1830, chronicled by low-ranking Samurai artist Makita Hamaguchi in documents from the Tokushima prefectural archive. (Australian Convict Pirates in Japan, 2017)
A watercolour by samurai Makita Hamaguchi showing one of the sailors with a dog from the ship that ‘did not look like food. It looked like a pet.’ (Australian Convict Pirates in Japan, 2017)
The watercolour picture of a British-flagged ship that arrived off the coast of Mugi, in Shikoku, Japan, by the samurai Hamaguchi. Photograph: Tokushima prefectural archive.

Isle of the Dead – Port Arthur


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