51 – Australian Rules Football History

Australian Rules Football and the earliest clubs formed to compete, are said to be the oldest established football clubs in the world.  Started in the late 1850s, initially based loosely on the Rugby School game, within 20 years it had evolved to become the basis of Australia’s very own, different & distinctive code; Aussie Rules Footy.

(62 mins)

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Early football game next to MCG
AFL crowd at the MCG
women-playing-football-1918 (NMA) Women playing a fundraising football match Adelaide 1918
AFLW match
Cyril Rioli tackles
Playing positions AFL (Wiki)
Night football
Nicky Winmar takes a mark

Tayla Harris takes a mark

The Melbourne Post of 1866 depicted a game in the Richmond Paddock (Blainey)
Thomas Wentworth Wills (Blainey)
Possum skin marngrook (CultureVictoria)

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