48 – Convict Mutineers Part 1

In part one of Convict Mutineers, we learn about a felon who just could not bear the idea of a life in exile, willing to take all necessary risks to try to return to England.  And his efforts were extraordinary. 

I think you will enjoy hearing about this Houdini like convict, a man the authorities had trouble keeping hold of.  Today we look at what brought him to Van Diemen’s Land, and how he created opportunities to try and escape the penal servitude there.

(60 mins)

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‘A surprise’.     Press gang at work.      Original illustration to Marryat’s ‘Poor Jack’ (1840) (Royal Museums Greenwich PW6070)
Thomas Bock, ‘The Settlement at Macquarie Harbour, 1830 (State Lib Tas)
The Cyprus in Hobart (ABC) from Augustus Earle’s 1825 ‘Panorama of Hobart’. (State Library of NSW)
Sarah Island at Macquarie Harbor (John Mulvaney, 2007)
Aerial view of northern area of Recherche Bay 2005 (John Mulvaney 2007)
Macquarie Harbour penal station.   ‘Sarah Island, Macquarie Harbour’, 1833, by William Buelow Gould. (SLNSW)
South East coast. Hobart, D’Entrecasteaux Channel, Bruny Island, Recherche Bay, SE Cape. (John Mulvaney, 2007)


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  • Intro/Exit music modified from: ‘Grand Canyon’ by LÃHSTANA DAVID [CCFM Music]
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