25 – Mawson: Antarctic Exploration Pt 5

Douglas Mawson’s Australasian Antarctic Expedition concluded, and the last of the expeditioners arrived back in Adelaide in February, 1914.  A lot had happened, both on the frozen continent and across the world, in the years they had been away.  We wrap up the “Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration” in this episode, by reflecting on the AAE, on Mawson’s ongoing relationship with the Antarctic, and Australia’s connection to Antarctica. 

We’ll also just touch on the outcome of Scott and Amundsen’s attempts on the pole, which took place while Mawson was in the Antarctic, and just for interest, also discuss Shackleton’s return journey, which pretty much brought the Age to a close.       (54 mins)

Mawson & Paquita (AAD)
Mawsons Hut 2013 (Pic: Estelle Blair)
MawsonsHut 2013 (Pic: Estelle Blair)
Gordon Home’s Map of Amundsen’s Expedition
Polheim Amundsen at South Pole
Scott’s cairn
Shackleton’s Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition
For map above (Wikipedia)
Endurance sinking (Hurley)
Mawson on Australian currency
Mawson stamps






Antarctic field vehicles (AAD)
Antarctic Historic Huts (CoolAntarctica)
Aurora Australis Icebreaker (The Orange Roughy)
Casey mid-winter airdrop (AAD)
Hurley photographs
Hurley photographs
Hurley photographs
Hurley photographs
Home of the Blizzard (AAD)

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