26 – Convicts and Cascades Pt 1

We’re going to look at the female convicts who passed through the Cascades Female Factory, in Hobart, Tasmania, and reflect on the different experience the women convicts may have had, to those of the male convicts.

There are both harrowing and hilarious stories to be told about the institution and it’s inmates.  So we’ll focus on the women in that institution in particular, as an example of experiences that might have been familiar to most convict women who were sent out to Australia.   (54 mins)

Tasmanian Aboriginal (Tas Museum)
Cascades yards (2019)
Cascades yards (2019)
Cascades yards (Heritage Report)
Cascades yards 1892 (State Lib Tas)
Yard 1 (Tasmanian Heritage Council-Christopher Downes)
Yard 2 (Tasmanian Heritage Council-Christopher Downes)
Trugannini 1866
Matron Mary Hutchinson
Female-Factory-1892  (FemaleFactoryOrg)
Tasmanian convict records (Tas SL)
Separate apartments (FemaleFactory.org)
Yard 3 (Tasmanian Heritage Council)
Yard 4 (Tasmanian Heritage Council-Christopher Downes)
Cascades yards (2019)

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