28 – The Dingo Fence

Australia has a number of massive continuous barrier fences, built by farmers and pastorlists  from the late 1800’s, to try and control the movement of native and introduced pests that were threatening the land and stock.

We’re going to look at the development & operation of the massive Dingo Fence, the longest wild dog exclusion barrier, now running as a continuous line across 3 States, over more than 5400 kilometres (3350 miles).                      (52 mins)


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Dingo (ABCnet)


Dingoes (ABC)
Barrier fence notices (WA )
Rabbit plague (CSIRO)
Woomara rocket launch 2017 (Dept of Defence)
Station Rocket Shelter Woomera Range (BushHeritage)
Station Shelter Woomera (unknown)
Rocket wreckage Woomera (ABCnet)
Lizard on the fence (RoyalSocietyBiology)
Fence patrol near Marree circa 1940 (Percival & Westney)
Barrier Fence QLD (Dept)
SA Fence condition (PIRSA)
Woodford: NSW Fence Map


Woodford: Qld (old & current) Fence
WA Rabbit Proof Fences (NMA)
Cameron Corner SA NSW QLD (unknown)
Fence over hills (unknown)
Fence WA (Dept)
Rabbit Action Plan (LandCare)



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