71 – Bass & Flinders Pt2

George Bass and Matthew Flinders arrived in New South Wales in September of 1795, with grand plans to “explore more of the country than any of [our] predecessors in the colony”.  In part 2 we look at how their plans progressed.

As naval men, they had work to do when they arrived in the young colony, but to their delight, they soon began doing some of the discovery and exploration they desired, around the coast and inland.

(65 mins)

Brilliant stories from Australia’s past

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Government House circa 1791 by William Bradley
Tom Thumb journeys – 1795-6 (Morgan p24)
Lake Illawarra NSW (GoogleMaps)
Woolemi Pines in the Blue Mountains (NSW Parks)
Woolemi Pine fossil (WoolemiPine.com.au)
Blue Mountains NSW (Tourism Australia)
Statue of Trim with Flinders. Donington Lincolnshire. (Wiki)

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