70 – Bass & Flinders Pt1

Naval men who arrived in NSW in September 1795, Bass & Flinders were both intent of undertaking exploration and charting sections of New Holland, still largely unknown to the British.  They became well known as navigators, explorers and map makers, charting the Australian coasts, and will likely be names known to most school children in Australia.

In this Part 1 episode we take a look at the backgrounds of both men to understand what brought them to NSW.

(45 mins)

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‘Engraving of George Bass from The Naval Pioneers of Australia by Louis Becke and Walter Jeffery1899’ Wikipedia
‘Portrait of Matthew Flinders by Antoine Toussaint de Chazal painted in Mauritius in 1806–07’. Wikipedia
Bass memorial St Denys Aswarby. (https://www.heritagelincolnshire.org/event/hod-2024-george-bass-an-australian-adventure)
Sydney Cove by Hunter 1788
‘Taking of Colbee and Bennelong November 1789’ by William Bradley
Portrait thought to depict Bennelong SLNSW – DGB 10
Yemmerrawanne headstone Eltham UK (Dictionary of Sydney)

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