68 – Atomic Australia

In the 1950s Australia hosted a number of British nuclear weapons tests.  The very first one took place on the Montebello Islands, off Australia’s north west coast.  This episode we will explore ‘Operation Hurricane’ on the Montebellos.

(75 mins)

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Montebello Islands (NASA World Wind satellite image – Wiki)
ARPANSA atomic weapons testing map
Atomic cloud 30 minutes after the detonation (Wiki)
ARPANSA atomic weapons testing graph
“Here the English ship Trial was wrecked in June 1622” (Wiki)
The Site of the Hurricane and Mosaic Tests (McClelland Vol 1)
HMS Plym, in which the nuclear device was detonated (Semophore)
Positions of Ships at the Time of the Hurricane (McClelland Vol 1)


Hawkesbury Reports extract P33 Oct 3rd
Signs warning radiation risks (ABC)

(Travller artil)

Montebello Islands Marine Park (Parks WA)
Mala reintroduced to Montebellos (Wiki)
(Parks WA)


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