65 – Royal Flying Doctor Service

Presbyterian Minister John Flynn had a desire to bring “a mantle of safety” to those living in the remote areas of Australia.  WWI Australian fighter pilot John Clifford Peel suggested a blueprint for such a service.  Alf Traeger tested and designed equipment that would allow communication across the outback and Hudson Fysh acquired the planes that could be used by an Aerial Medical Service.  The vision and tenacity of Flynn brought all these ideas & people together to create one of the most outstanding, helpful and appreciated services in Australia.  Something that still serves those in remote & rural Australia since it’s beginning in 1928.

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John Flynn, founder of todays RFDS on Australian $20 note


Estimated resident population. (ABS 3101.0)
Early pedal radio in use
AIM Pedal Radio 1929 (RFDS)
Alf Traeger in his later years. (RFDS)
AIM Pedal Radio (NMA)
Sister Garlick’s “Where does it hurt” chart. (RFDS)
Remote cattle station with airstrip. (BGS)
RFDS Radio Network (date unknown)

RFDS bases 2022 [RFDS]
Aeromedical footprint [RFDS]
Any straight road might be an RFDS airstrip [RACGP]

The Queen bestowing the ‘Royal’ at Broken Hill FDS Base 1954 (RFDS)

Dental work in remote Australia [date unknown RFDS]
Work on the airstrip. RFDS Dentist 1962 [NAA R2895]
RFDS display – National Museum of Australia [ABC]

RFDS medical chest

RFDS retrieval [RFDS]
RFDS Medi-jet 24 [ANZ]
RFDS [HealthLink]
RFDS plane at Base [RFDS]

Yarrangobilly Caves guesthouse
Yarrangobilly Caves thermal pool
Road to Yarrangobilly Caves
Yarrangobilly Caves

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