64 – Buckley & the Wathawurrung: Pt 3

In this final episode on Buckley & the Wathawurrung, we hear about what happened after Buckley made contact with Batman’s party from the Port Phillip Association.

He eventually moves back into the white society, trying to live a quiet, conflict-free life and records his recollections of living amongst the Wathawurrung.

(66 mins)

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Buckley painting
Buckley c1852 (SLV)
Batman’s Huts Indented Heads 1835 (Wedge)

Bunjil Geoglyph – YouYangs (MonumentAustralia)

The finding of Buckley [Campbell 1869] (National Portrait Gallery)


Plan of the Port Phillip District 1835 (Wedge)
‘Wild White Man’ media image of Buckley
Buckley drawn by Wedge at early contact.

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  • Intro/Exit music modified from: ‘Grand Canyon’ by David Löhstana [CCFM Music]
  • Sound snippet:   Nyindi-Yindi Corroboree: Trible music of Australia, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbCqBrW10SM
  • Background:  Freesound Bush sounds, birdsong in Australia

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