55 – Bligh & the Rum Rebellion: Part 4: Final

This episode is the final in the Bligh-Rum Rebellion series, and we take a closer look at how the day developed, how the arrest of Bligh unfolded at Government House, and what followed on from the revolt by the New South Wales ‘Rum’ Corp.

The British Government was slow to act, but inquiries were made, and the protagonists were expected to stand trial for mutiny, so we take a look at how that all proceeded too.

(75 mins)

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Propaganda cartoon of Bligh’s arrest in Sydney in 1808, portraying him as a coward. State Library of New South Wales, Sydney.
1983 Rum Rebellion Commemorative Stamp (AustraliaPost)
2019 Rum Rebellion Coin
Lady O’Connell (Putland nee Bligh) c1847 NLA
Elizabeth Macarthur 1845, aged 79, [William Nicholas, 1845]. [Camden Park Collection.]
Annadale House – Johnston – SLNSW
Macarthur petition [GutenbergPress]
Plan of Sydney Oct 1807 (ProjectGutenbergAustralia)
The Tavern [Raymond Lindsay 1930]

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