53 – Bligh & the Rum Rebellion: Part 2

This episode looks at William Bligh’s background and his reputation as a Naval Captain.  He had some very difficult tasks ahead of him as Governor of the troubled NSW colony, and we need to consider if he had the requisite personality and abilities to introduce the reforms required.

The English were already aware there was a lot of resistance to the changes required, mainly from the members, ex-members and cronies of the NSW Corp, and Bligh was likely chosen for his tenacity.  So we look at how he was initially received by the influential people in the colony, by the struggling settlers and farmers, and how he began his Governorship in NSW.

(59 mins)

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First Government House Sydney 1807 (John Eyre SLNSW)
Governor Bligh (ABC)
John Macarthur (GutenbergPress)
Sydney from west side of the cove 1802 (George Evans SLM)


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