43 – Shipwreck & first contact

In 1796, the Calcutta merchants Campbell & Clark, sent a boat load of attractive goods, including much needed home and personal wares, and much desired rum, to sell to the isolated people in the new penal colony at Port Jackson (now current day Sydney).

The Sydney Cove foundered and the men were obliged to take refuge on Preservation Island.  Some of the crew continued on, in a longboat & on foot, to raise the alarm & affect a rescue.  This month we retell the story of their epic journey.

(70 mins)

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Preservation Island (Wikimedia)

Tasmanian Mutton Bird (John Gould)
90 Mile Beach near Gippsland Lakes (VisitVic)
Gurnaukurnai country
Map of Clark’s journey 1797 (ABC SE NSW: Bill Brown)
Moruya Heads lookout, Eurobodalla National Park.   Area where the incapacitated Lascars were left.
Sydney Cove wreck and divers investigating (Tas Parks)
Leather shoe found in the Sydney Cove-wreck. Exhibition Queen Victoria Museum Launceston



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