30 – Eureka Pt 2: Ballarat Goldfield

We turn our attention to the Ballarat Goldfield.  The road to the Eureka Rebellion here was actually quite long, and contained a myriad of grievances & triggers, which finally came to an unhappy clash on December 3rd 1854 at the Eureka Stockade.  But we are not quite there yet.  This episode we look at the early days under La Trobe, and the frustration & aggravation that grew after Hotham became Governor.

The initial catalysts for the uprising started with unfair gold licensing arrangements, but the behaviour of the officials on the Ballarat goldfields caused much disquiet, and with corruption rife and no reasonable response from the government, we can see the seeds of the confrontation forming.

(43 mins)

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Eugene von Guerard, Old Ballarat as it was in the summer of 1853-54, 1884 (Eureka Wiki)

Charles-Joseph-LaTrobe-1855 [Grant SLV]
Gold diggers at dinner [Sidney]
Gold license 1852 [SLV MS 8203]
Gold License April 1855 [Fed Uni]
Issuing licenses [Sidney]

La Trobe’s Cottage home of Vic first Lt Gov Charles Joseph La Trobe 1839 to 1854 (Nat Trust)
Sir Charles Hotham (NPG D3274)

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