9 – Kellys: Stringybark Ck. Pt 1

Episode 9: Stringybark Creek, Pt 1., from the Bushranger theme, continues our detailed exploration of Ned Kelly & the Kelly Gang. 

This episode looks at the notorious Stringybark Creek confrontation with police, which leads to the fatalities and the formation of the Kelly Gang as outlaws.       (40 mins)

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Stringybark Creek newspaper drawing
Stringybark Creek site 2018
Lonigan, Kennedy & Scanlon
Possible Bullock Creek hut ruins?  (p84 McMenomy)
(Stringybark Creek news report)  “Unscrupulous ruffians are at large”!
Sydney Nolan (Policeman in wombat hole)

Episode 9 – Stringybark Creek. Part 1. REFERENCES





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