57 – Macarthur & Wool

John Macarthur was a divisive character in the first decades of the New South Wales penal colony and he was instrumental in the overthrow of Governor Bligh (see the Bligh series Eps 52-55), along with the discomfort and early recall of a number of other Governors.

But he and his family did manage to build a farming dynasty in NSW and he was often later promoted as the ‘founder’ of the Australian Wool industry.  This episode takes a look at the Macarthur family, the development of his sheep flocks and the early development of wool production in the new colony, and consider the impact of the Macarthurs in that important industry.

(64 mins)

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John Macarthur (GutenbergOnline)
Elizabeth Macarthur (SLNSW)
Elizabeth Farm (Sydney Living Museums)
Elizabeth Farm -1825 (Camden History Notes)
Camden Park House
Camden Merinos (Belgenny Farm)
Samual Marsden (Female Factory Online)
Simeon Lord (NZ Encyclopedia)
Elizabeth Macarthur $5 memorial coin
Merino Shilling 1946
Macarthur Merino Stamps
Elizabeth Macarthur 1845 (SMO)

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