45 – Drovers Wife: Henry Lawson EXTRA

Following Ep 44 on Henry Lawson, this episode will be a reading of Henry Lawson’s short story (or sketch), The Drover’s Wife, published in the Bulletin, July 1892.  Please listen to Ep 44 first, for the life & times of Henry Lawson.

(20 mins)


LAWSON, HENRY. The Drover’s Wife [online].   [Accessed December 2020].   Available from: http://www.telelib.com/authors/L/LawsonHenry/prose/billyboils_2/droverswife.html


  • Intro/Exit music modified from: ‘Grand Canyon’ by LÃHSTANA DAVID [CCFM Music]
  • Brief sound snippet:  Murrumbidgee River (unknown)