11 – Kellys: Mansfield and sympathisers

Following the gang’s devastating Stringybark Creek confrontation with police last episode, we’ll look this time at the impact it had on Mansfield and the general public.  We’ll also have a closer look at the other people involved in the saga, both sympathisers and some of the authorities.

This Episode, 11, from the Bushranger theme, continues our detailed exploration of Ned Kelly & the Kelly Gang. 

(63 mins)

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Dan Kelly 1876 or 78   (SLV)
Jim Kelly (SLV)
Illustration of Joe Byrne (SLV)
Aaron Sherritt (SLV)
Steve Hart (SLV)
Steve Hart Nolan 1947
Tom Lloyd Jnr
Mansfield memorial sketch
Memorial re-dedication Mansfield
Stringybark Creek Memorial
Kennedy grave
Lonigan grave
Scanlan grave
Site Sherritt’s hut (Kelly Tour 2010)
William Barak (Culture Victoria)



Tom Lloyd grave


Barak building Melbourne
Murri men – Qld Trackers

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